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Heaven On Earth

If you go to Ethiopia this place is a must. From the moment we left Lalibella, we were cared for by our extremely kind and patient guide Abeje. My travelling companion a lady in her 50’s was not accustomed to mountain walking, Abeje took every precaution and gave her every aid she needed. Its a tough hike but worth it.
The lodge is out of this world. The food, the service and the scenery are amazing. The bed was the most comfortable I slept in while in Ethiopia and the tukal was full of character.
The staff worked so hard to keep us entertained and comfortable, even massaging our feet and singing. You really feel like royalty.
The view from the lodge is breath taking, the mountains and Laibela are so beautiful. But at night you see the stars so clearly it felt like you could touch them. Then the biggest surprise, several groups of Gilada Baboons graze up there every day. Such a lovely sight.
So if you’re in the area go and visit, not only is it beautiful but it is creating sustainable employment for the locals.