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Day Trip To Abune Yousef  Park

Day Trip To Abune Yousef Park

The third highest peak in Ethiopia, Abune Yousef Massif offers visitors stunning views and wildlife viewing opportunities. During the treks and around Abune Yousef, visitors can see an impressive array of flora and fauna including giant Lobelia, troops of Gelada baboons, and the rare Ethiopian wolf. Located north of Lalibela, the Afromontane environment offers a perfect complement to the cultural and historical experience of the Lalibela rock-hewn churches. Treks in Abune Yousef bring visitors to over 4,300 meters and are not for the faint of heart. However, those that make the climb find the views and experience well worth it. Visit our itineray page to arrange how many days to spend at mount Abune Yousef.

Flora: While many  of the high plains has been converted into farmland over the past 50 years the slopes of the mountain ranges are still covered by natural forest, changing composition with altitude, the unique Afromontane vegetation formations are the main attraction of the area. The Abune Yoseph area is made up of diverse vegetation types included bush land, woodlands, mountain dray forests, and afroalpine grassland.