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Lodge Accommodations

Degosach mountain Eco lodge consists of 6 Tukul rooms

Separate sitting room,
Dining room and kitchen area
Education and information center.
Designated camping grounds around the lodge area
Check-In / Check-Out Policies

This Eco Lodge has the following check-in and check-out times and policies.

Check in Time 12:00 PM
Checkout Time 12:00 AM


Degosach Eco lodge is built in traditional style. It is situated on top of a hill with spectacular views over the surrounding. The Eco Lodge offers excellent accommodation on a spectacular and peaceful rural setting, accompanied by authentic cuisine and traditional hospitality.

Degosach Ecolodg located 22km, the altitude is 3800m above sea level, and there are several Short and long walking options, Horse ride & Cultural tours

Things to see or To do

  • Abune Yousef community Conservation Park 3:30 hour walk
  • Yimrhanne Kirstos (Marble Church) 3hur walk
  • Kinkenit Michale (ancient monastery 5 hunderd years older than Lalibela churches) 2 hour walk 
  •  Short and long hiking
  • Farm visit
  • Horse Ride 
  • Volunteer at School or Local clinic 

       Room Rate

  • Single room $48/per night/including Breakfast
  • Double room/Twin Room $58/per night/including Breakfast
  • Triple Room $72/Per Night/Including Breakfast 
  • Lunch and Dinner  100ETB/Per Meal  


By walk or mule:

there is two way to get the Lodge by walking or using Mule, the shorter option 4 hour via Kenkenit Michale Church & 6 hour via Wedebye Plateau.

By Car:

The lodge Located 22 km outside Lalibela, 40 minute drive and 30 minute walk/horse ride  from the road to the Eco Lodge.  

We organize trips to different nice places: 

  • Lalibela Churches Tour
  • Multiple Day Community Trekking
  • Car rent to The Northern Ethiopia
  • Denakil Depression, Gheralta Tour, Community Trekking in Tigray and Wollo (mekeit), Bahir Dar, Gonder, Simien Park, Addis Abeba and Axum. for more Visit our Sister Website www.lalibela-eco-trekking.com 

Thank you very much once again, Let me know if you need more information about Degosach Eco Lodge!