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Welcome to Degosach Eco Lodge

Degosach Mountain Ecolodge is built in traditional style. It is situated on top of a hill with spectacular views over the surrounding. The  Eco  Lodge offers excellent accommodation on a spectacular and peaceful rural setting, accompanied by authentic cuisine and traditional hospitality.

It is  Located  close to Ethiopia important historical site of Lalibela. You may take part in many possible excursion options and exciting trekking routes over mountain ranges and deep valleys. or just relax on the terrace overlooking the wonderful landscape with a good book and a pot of fresh coffee, and let our friendly staff take care of you

Magical getaway devised and staffed by locals

Degosach Eco Lodge  is a pioneering eco-resort atop a volcanic plateau, overlooking exquisite scenery. It is truly a “world lit by fire” – no aircraft contrails, no electric lights, no traffic noise, no evidence of “civilization” except a few scattered villages on the slopes of neighboring valleys – just pure, unadulterated peace and beauty.
The plateau is large,  delighted by your very first view. The tukuls (stone, thatched huts) are well separated, each with its own special outlook, and furnished with huge, comfortable beds, cushioned settees, and a selection of decorative local artifacts. A thoughtful selection of warm, handmade clothing is provided for your comfort. The tukuls are lit by candlelight, which makes you feel as if you’ve returned to the days of Emperor St. Lalibela.  one  restaurant , more elaborate bathing facilities are under construction. We had the opportunity to see how quickly and effectively the Ethiopians work, so anticipate the development will proceed as planned, and rapidly. Everything is brought up by human labour, and every scrap of rubbish packed out the same way…a remarkable undertaking.


Heaven On Earth

If you go to Ethiopia this place is a must. From the moment we left Lalibella, we were cared for by our extremely kind and patient guide Abeje. My travelling companion a lady in her 50’s was not accustomed to mountain walking, Abeje took every precaution and gave her every aid she needed. Its a tough hike but worth it.
The lodge is out of this world. The food, the service and the scenery are amazing. The bed was the most comfortable I slept in while in Ethiopia and the tukal was full of character.
The staff worked so hard to keep us entertained and comfortable, even massaging our feet and singing. You really feel like royalty.
The view from the lodge is breath taking, the mountains and Laibela are so beautiful. But at night you see the stars so clearly it felt like you could touch them. Then the biggest surprise, several groups of Gilada Baboons graze up there every day. Such a lovely sight.
So if you’re in the area go and visit, not only is it beautiful but it is creating sustainable employment for the locals.

Magical Plateau

I spent two nights at Degosach Mountain Eco lodge recently, and it was one of the highlights of my trip to Ethiopia. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking – it was awesome to just sit and enjoy the different views from each side of the plateau as they change throughout the day. Being a nature lover I was also thrilled to be joined by huge troops of Gelada baboons whilst relaxing at the view points. I also got to watch a variety of birds, hyraxes, lizards, and an entertaining stand-off between some Gelada and Hamadryas baboons. The staff were helpful and friendly, and you could tell that they really enjoyed being there too. It is pretty cold at night though so make sure your have warm clothes! I felt extremely happy and relaxed by the time I left, and would recommend it to everyone.

Degosach – The Highest Lodge in Africa Above the Clouds of Lalibela by HandZaround from HandZaround on Vimeo.